About the Artist

Lorelei Bleil is a published artist with a soft spot for the delicate and whimsical; lands of intrigue and fancy always have been close to her heart. This perhaps is apparent in many of her pieces, but sometimes she likes to go in the opposite direction, as it’s a big world, containing so much beauty. Since 1997, she has sold artwork and has done many commissions for very lovely people; however, it has always been an integral part of her life. Exploring the inner world of her imagination while growing up was most often her desire and activity, and she remains strongly connected to that active world. Her art now resides in homes all over the world, and she continues to give in to the inspiration.

All images are copyright Lorelei Bleil and all rights are reserved, unless express permission is granted. Please contact her through the Contact page if you are interested in using an image for any purpose.